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Review:"Quantum Molecular Dynamics on Grids" [pdf]
Ronnie Kosloff,
Dynamics of Molecules and Chemical Reactions, In R. E. Wyatt and J. Z. Zhang, editors, Dynamics of Molecules and Chemical Reactions,
pages 185-230, Marcel Dekker, New York (1996).
Quantum Description of the Impulsive Photodissociation Dynamics of I3- in Solution. [pdf]
Guy Ashkenazi, Uri Banin, Allon Bartana, Ronnie Kosloff and Sanford Ruhman,
Adv. Chem. Phys., 100, 229-315 (1997).

Introduction to the Chemical Bond

R Kosloff and Guy Ashkenazi

[pdf] [gzipped PS]


The Quantum Absorption Refrigerator

Amikam Levy and Ronnie Kosloff


East Medetirranean Oil and Gas potential

Ronnie Kosloff and Alan Mathies


Can pump-probe experiments be simulated efficiently.

PhD thesis Michael Khasin


Heat Machines and Quamtum Systems: Toward the Third Law.

PhD thesis Yair Rezek



Ultracold-Ultrafast [psf]

Quantum molecular computing [pdf]

Reduced dynamics [pdf]

The Surrogate Hamiltonain [pdf]

Strasbourg lectures 2005:

lecture 1-2 [pdf]

lecture 3-4 [pdf]

lecture 5-6 [pdf]

lectrure 7-8 [pdf]

lectrure 9-10 [pdf]