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Review:"Quantum Molecular Dynamics on Grids" [pdf]

Ronnie Kosloff,

Dynamics of Molecules and Chemical Reactions, In R. E. Wyatt and J. Z. Zhang, editors, Dynamics of Molecules and Chemical Reactions,

pages 185-230, Marcel Dekker, New York (1996).

Quantum Description of the Impulsive Photodissociation Dynamics of I3- in Solution. [pdf]

Guy Ashkenazi, Uri Banin, Allon Bartana, Ronnie Kosloff and Sanford Ruhman,

Adv. Chem. Phys., 100, 229-315 (1997).

Introduction to the Chemical Bond

R Kosloff and Guy Ashkenazi

[pdf] [gzipped PS]


Supplemental Material: The Local Approach to Quantum Transport May Violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Amikam Levy and Ronnie Kosloff


East Medetirranean Oil and Gas potential

Ronnie Kosloff and Alan Mathies


Can pump-probe experiments be simulated efficiently.

PhD thesis Michael Khasin


Heat Machines and Quamtum Systems: Toward the Third Law.

PhD thesis Yair Rezek



Ultracold-Ultrafast [psf]

Quantum molecular computing [pdf]

Reduced dynamics [pdf]

The Surrogate Hamiltonain [pdf]

Strasbourg lectures 2005:

lecture 1-2 [pdf]

lecture 3-4 [pdf]

lecture 5-6 [pdf]

lectrure 7-8 [pdf]

lectrure 9-10 [pdf]