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Dr. Guy Ashkenazi
Department of Science Teaching
The Hebrew University
Jerusalem 91904

Tel. +972-2-6584817
Fax. +972-2-6585708


Current Position and Title

Lecturer in the Department of Science Teaching, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Research Interests:

Current Research Projects:

Future Projects:

List of Publications

  1. Ashkenazi, G., Kosloff, R., Ruhman, S., and Tal-Ezer, H. (1995). "Newtonian Propagation Methods Applied to the Photodissociation Dynamics of I3- ", Journal of Chemical Physics, 103 (23), p. 10005.
  2. Martinez, T. J., Ben-Nun, M., Ashkenazi, G. (1996). "Classical / Quantal Method for Multistate Dynamics: A Computational Study", Journal of Chemical Physics, 104(3), p. 2847.
  3. Ashkenazi, G., Banin, U., Bartana, A., Kosloff R., and Ruhman, S. (1997). "Quantum Description of the Impulsive Photodissociation Dynamics of I3- in Solution", Advances in Chemical Physics, 100, p. 229.
  4. Ashkenazi, G., Kosloff, R., and Ben Zvi, N. (1997). "Computer Aided Instruction of Quantum Mechanics", poster presentation at the 4th Electronic Computational Chemistry Conference (ECCC4).
  5. Ashkenazi, G., Kosloff, R., and Ratner, M.A. (1999). "Photoexcited Electron Transfer: Short-time Dynamics and Turnover Control by Dephasing, Relaxation and Mixing", Journal of the American Chemistry Society, 121(14), p. 3386.
  6. Ashkenazi, G. (2001). "Visualizing Entropy: Web based molecular dynamics simulations", poster presentation at the 2001 GRC on science education and visualization.
  7. Ashkenazi, G. (2001). "Visualizing Multiple Bonds", poster presentation at the 2001 GRC on science education and visualization.
  8. Kashy, D.A., Albertelli, G., Ashkenazi, G., Kashy, E., Ng, H. and Thoennessen, M. (2001), “Individualized Interactive Exercises: A Promising Role for Network Technology”, Proceedings of the 2001 Frontiers in Education Conference.

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