professor avinoam ben-shaul - Selected Publications





  • S. Baer and A. Ben-Shaul

    "Long-Range Many-Molecule Interactions in An Extended van der Waals Equation of State",
    J. Chem. Phys. 56 , 1238-1246 (1972).
  • A. Ben-Shaul, R.D. Levine and R.B. Bernstein

    "Entropy and Chemical Change II. Analysis of Product Energy Distributions: Temperature and Entropy Deficiency",
    J. Chem. Phys. 57 , 5427-5447 (1972).


  • A. Ben-Shaul, G.L. Hofacker and K.L. Kompa

    "Characterization of Inverted Populations in Chemical Lasers by Temperature-Like Distributions. Gain Characteristics in the F + H2 --> HF + H System",
    J. Chem. Phys. 59 , 4664-4673 (1973).


  • A. Ben-Shaul and G.L. Hofacker

    "Statistical and Dynamical Models of Population Inversion",
    Chap. 10 in Handbook of Chemical Lasers , p. 579-617.
    J.F. Bott and R.W.F. Gross, eds. (J. Wiley, N.Y., 1976).
  • A. Ben-Shaul, U. Schmailzl and K.L. Kompa

    "Vib-Rotational Energy Distribution and Relaxation Processes in Pulsed HF Chemical Lasers",
    J. Chem. Phys. 65 , 1711-1729 (1976).


  • R.D. Levine and A. Ben-Shaul

    "Thermodynamics of Molecular Disequilibrium",
    Chap. 4 in: Chemical and Biochemical Applications of Lasers , Vol. II, p. 145-192, C.B. Moore, ed., Academic Press, N.Y. (1977).
  • A. Ben-Shaul

    "On Statistical Models and Prior Distributions in the Theory of Chemical Reactions",
    Chem. Phys. 22 , 341-366 (1977).


  • A. Ben-Shaul and M. Tabor

    "On Detailed Balance Relations and Equilibrium Distributions in Nonisothermal Systems",
    Chem. Phys. Letters 61 , 571-576 (1979).
  • A. Ben-Shaul, S. Feliks and O. Kafri

    "Time Evolution of the Pulsed HF Chemical Laser. I. Kinetic Modelling - Rotational Nonequilibrium",
    Chem. Phys. 36 , 291-305 (1979).
  • Tova Feldmann and A. Ben-Shaul

    "On Rotational and Vibrational Relaxation of Diatomic Molecules and a Quasi-Classical Model for Rotational Relaxation",
    Chem. Phys. Letters 64 , 286-290 (1979).




  • A. Ben-Shaul

    Chemical Laser Kinetics,
    Chapter in: Advances in Chemical Physics - 'Photoselective Chemistry' , J. Jortner, R.D. Levine and S.A. Rice, eds. pp. 55-83 (J. Wiley, 1980).


  • Book: A. Ben-Shaul, Y. Haas, K.L. Kompa and R.D. Levine

    "Lasers and Chemical Change"
    Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 1981. Springer Series in Chemical Physics, Vol. 10
    (497 pp. 245 figs.).




  • A. Ben-Shaul, I. Szleifer and W.M. Gelbart

    Statistical Thermodynamics of Amphiphile Chains in Micelles,
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., U.S.A. 81 , 4601-4605 (1984).




  • M. Silverberg and A. Ben-Shaul

    Dynamic and Thermodynamic Consequences of Adsorbate Lateral Interactions in Surface Reaction Kinetics
    J. Stat. Phys. 52, 1179-1195 (1988).


  • M. Silverberg and A. Ben-Shaul

    Adsorbate Lateral Interactions and Islanding in Surface Reaction Kinetics
    Surf. Sci. 214, 17-43 (1989).







  • D. Kramer and A. Ben-Shaul

    Phase Transitions in a Monolayer of Interconverting Squres
    Physica A 195, 12-30 (1993).

  • D. Fattal and A. Ben-Shaul

    A Molecular Model for Lipid-Protein Interaction in Membranes: The Role of Hydrophobic Mismatch
    Biophys J. 65, 1795-1809 (1993).


  • W.M. Gelbart, A. Ben-Shaul and D. Roux (Eds.)

    Micelles, Membranes, Microemulsions and Monolayers
    Springer, New York (1994); (608 pp., 220 figs.)
  • D. Fattal and A. Ben-Shaul

    Mean-Field Calculations of Chain Packing and Conformational Statistics in Lipid Bilayers:
    Comparison with Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Studies
    Biophys. J. 67, 983-995 (1994).


  • A. Ben-Shaul

    Molecular Theory of Chain Packing, Elasticity and Lipid-Protein Interaction in Lipid Bilayers
    In Handbook of Physics of Biological Systems, Vol. 1: Structure and Dynamics of Membranes
    R. Lipowsky and E. Sackmann (eds.)
    Elsevier, Amsterdam (1995), Chap. 7, p. 359-402.
  • D. Fattal and A. Ben-Shaul

    Molecular Theory of Acyl Chain Packing in Lipid and Lipid-Protein Membranes
    In "Nonmedical Applications of Liposomes", Vol. 1: Liposomes: Theory and Basic Science,
    Y. Barenholz and D.P. Lasic (eds.), (CRC Press, Inc., New York, 1995) Chap. 5, p. 129-151.

  • S. May and A. Ben-Shaul

    Spontaneous Curvature and Thermodyamic Stability of Mixed Amphiphilic Layers
    J. Chem. Phys. 103, 3839-3848 (1995).


  • A. Ben-Shaul, N. Ben-Tal and B. Honig

    Statistical Thermodynamics of Protein Insertion Into Lipid Membranes
    Biophys. J. 71, 130-137 (1996).














  • V. B. Teif, D. Harries, D. Y. Lando, and A. Ben-Shaul
Matrix Formalism for Site-Specific Binding of Unstructured Proteins to Multicomponent Lipid Membranes
        J. Pep. Sci. 14, 368-373 (2008)
  •  V. B. Teif, , D. Harries, D. Y. Lando and A. Ben-Shaul
        Matrix Formalism for  Sequence-Specific Polymer Binding  to Multicomponent
Lipid Membranes
Chapter 3,  pages 29-52 in: Membrane-Active Peptides: Methods and Results on  Structure and Function,  M. Castanho editor. International University Line, La Jolla, California, USA (2008)
  •  S. Tzlil, D. Murray and A. Ben-Shaul
         The ‘Electrostatic-Switch’ Mechanism: Monte Carlo Study of MARCKS-Membrane
         Biophys. J. 95, 1745-1757 (2008)
  •  A. Zemel, S. A. Ben-Shaul and S. May
         Modulation of the Spontaneous Curvature and Bending Rigidity of Lipid Membranes
 by Interfacilly Adsorbed Amphipathic Peptides
         J. Phys. Chem. B  112, 6988-6996 (2008)
  • A. Yoffe, P. Prinsen, A. Gopal, C. M. Knobler, W. M. Gelbart and A. Ben-Shaul
        Predicting the Sizes of Large RNA Molecules
Proc. Nat'l. Acad. Sci. USA.  105, 16153-16158 (2008)
        [Supplemetal material]
  • Y. Ideses, Y. Brill-Karniely, L. Haviv, A. Ben-Shaul, and A. Bernheim-Groswasser

          Arp2/3 Branched Actin Network Mediates Filopodia-like Bundles Formation in vitro
        PloS ONE (  3 (9), e3297 (9 pages), (2008)


  • P. Katsamba, K. Carroll, G. Ahlsen, F. Bahna, J. Vendome, S. Posy, M. Rajebhosale, S. Price, T. M. Jessell, A. Ben-Shaul, L. Shapiro, and B. Honig
        Linking Molecular Affinity and Cellular Specificity in Cadherin-Mediated Adhesion
        Proc. Nat'l. Acad. Sci. USA.  106, 11594-11599 (2009)
  • Y, Brill-Karniely, Y. Ideses, A. Bernheim-Groswasser and A. Ben-Shaul.

        From Branched Networks of Actin Filaments to Bundles
        Chem.Phys.Chem. (2009)








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