Ronnie Kosloff - Recent Abstracts

Temperature Dependence of Nitrogen Dissociation on Metal Surfaces

A New Methos for Numerical Flux Calculations in Quantum Molecular Dynamics

A Cooling by Reversing the Operation of a Laser

Heat Engines in Finite Time Governed by Master Equations

Application of Genetic Algorithm to the Calculation of Bound States and
Local Density Approximations

Newtonian propagation methods applied to the photodissociation

A Phase Space Approach for Optimizing Grid Representation: The Mapped Fourier Method

The Role of non adiabatic mechanisms in the Dissociation Dynamics of O 2 on Silver surfaces

The influence of dimensionality on deep tunneling rates: A study based on the Hydrogen-Nickel system

Quantum Description of the Impulsive Photodissociation Dynamics of I3- in Solution

Quantum dissipative dynamics of adsorbates near metal surfaces: A surrogate Hamiltonian theory applied to hydrogen on nickel

Laser Cooling of Internal Degrees of Freedom. II.