Application of Genetic Algorithm to the Calculation of Bound States and Local Density Approximations

Yehuda Zeiri

Department of Physics,
Nuclear Research Center-Negev
Beer-Sheva 84190 P.O.Box 9001 Israel

Eyal Fattal and Ronnie Kosloff

Department of Physical Chemistry and
The Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics
the Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Israel


A novel method, based on genetic algorithms, has been developed and applied to the solution of differential equations. The new approach is based on the use of real numbers to form the candidate solutions which are improved iteratively by a suitable breeding process. The algorithm was tested in the calculation of the bound states of a double well potential and in the nonlinear density functional calculation. Comparison of the results with those obtained using the direct relaxation method shows excellent agreement.

Tue Jul 9 13:20:38 IDT 1995